Sunday, December 13, 2009

Salvation Army Goes High Tech

This year you may notice a new element at the big red kettles as you do your shopping. The Salvation Army is trying to adjust to the times. The bell ringers are now accepting credit cards!
Donations this year have decreased by 10%, although the demand for the charitable organization's help has increased by 25% due to the economy. They are seeing many of the middle class who suddenly are out of jobs and in need to try and get back on their feet.
One of the reasons for the decline in donations is that people tend not to carry cash anymore, I know I don't. It's rare for me to have cash in my wallet, I just don't need it. In years past folks would pay for their purchases, get some change back, and leave the store. Many times they would drop their change straight into the red kettle. Not so these days.
The Salvation Army is also accepting gift card donations, used or unused. They send them to a company in California where the cards are converted into cash.
Most charitable organizations are feeling the pinch and scrambling to come up with new ways to fund their programs. So remember that those few pennies or that gift card that you haven't used can make a big difference this year.


blueviolet said...

I carry just a few dollars in cash at a time and I always give to the Salvation Army. Those people have to brave some pretty nasty elements around here and I can't walk past them.

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